What We Do

At The Darwich Law Firm our experienced Family Law professionals specialize exclusively in creating lasting resolution to a wide variety of family law disputes. We pride ourselves on showing you the silver lining.

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We offer experienced solutions for divorce in the State of Texas. Our Divorce Lawyers work with our clients on a personal level to deeply understand their situation and goals so that we can custom tailor resolutions using the most appropriate legal solution available. We strive to make sure the silver lining is always in sight.
Modifications center around changes to agreements that occur in the post-divorce process. Our legal professionals are well versed in the successful renegotiation of a wide variety of modification services for our valued Family Law clientele. Some of our Modification services include renegotiation of:
Child Support Modifications
Alimony Modifications
Visitation and Custody Modifications
Child Custody
Divorces can raise a number of challenges, especially when children are involved. Our experienced Legal Professionals put their years of experience to work for each of our valued clients for help navigating the most complex child custody disputes. Some of our Child Custody services include:
Physical Custody
Legal Custody
Preserving Parental Rights
Protecting Children’s Best Interests
  • Child Support
    • Enforcement
    • Modification
    • Negotiation
  • Paternity
    • Father’s Rights
  • TRO’s
    • Arrears